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"At Xing the protection of data privacy plays a special role. One important aspect was that the whole data transfer between us and WaveCDN is encrypted. The WaveCDN team contemporary came up with this individual exigence within a functional upgrade supporting SSL-backends. Until now, we're very pleased about the collaboration at eye level."

Falk Stern
Team Leader Network

"Our project has an extensive media coverage. Thereby especially through TV news' contributions the traffic reached its peaks and thus load problems occurred. Since the website runs via WaveCDN with Full Page Caching the loading times are as fast as lightening - even at the highest TV peaks."

Boris Hekele
Chief Technical Officer
Parlamentwatch GmbH

"WaveCDN has been our service provider for the past 2 years. We demanded a lot from them right off the bat, because browser games only succeed if they work 100% of the time. I think the more than 1 million hits we get every month tell the story. We have never regretted that we chose WaveCDN. Their mix of advice and service is ideally configured for us. Keep it up, guys!"

Marcus Schwarz
Chief Technical Officer
upjers GmbH und Co. KG